Belgian artist and photographer, born in 1981, living and working in Brussels.


Master in Philosophy, VUB, Belgium, 2003

Master in Cultural Sciences, specialization Image Culture, VUB, Belgium, 2004


Fish & Chips, solo expo, Antwerp, march – april 2018

“Pussy”, BIP 2018, group expo, Liège, feb – april 2018

“Hounfor”, Rotterdam Photo / Art Rotterdam, solo expo, feb 2018

“Dark Rooms”, Brugge Photo, group expo, Brugge, 2017

“A Photographer’s Journal”, group expo, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, NL, 2017

“See You There, offline #1”, group expo, Brussels Art Department, BE, 2016

“This Is Not A Cookbook”, group expo, Visual Kontakt Gallery, Romania, 2016

”The Photocopy Club” – group expo, Joburg Photo Umbrella, Johannesburg, SA, 2014

“The Photocopy Club” – group expo, Brighton Photo Biennial, Brighton, UK, 2014

“Oranbeg” – NET07, curator digital group expo, 2014

“CTRL C (girls)” – solo expo / installation, curated by Pieter Jan Valgaeren, De Coöperatieve, Hasselt, BE, 2014

“Up And Coming Style” – group expo, Setup Art Fair, Bologna, IT, 2014

“Happy House #5”, group expo / installation, Ghent, BE, 2013

“BXLBRDL” – group expo, Potemkine, Brussels, BE, 2013

“Up And Coming Style” – group expo, Ono Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, IT, 2012

“Disturber” – group expo, The Body, Bologna, SP, 2011

“Ulrike Biets” – solo expo, Eden, Charleroi, BE, 2011

“E.T. was at my house” – curator group expo, Flagey, Brussels, Be, 2011

”Wasteland” – solo expo/installation, Deep in The Woods, Massembre, BE, 2011

“Disturber” – group expo, No Found Photofair, Paris, FR, 2011

“Pogobooks” – group expo, General Public Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2011

“Pogobooks & Naivsuper Books, Printed Matter & Original Works”,

- group expo, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2011

“Pogobooks” – group expo, Sprungturm Gallery, Cologne, DE, 2011

“De Lu Xe Art Collective” – group expo, Brussels, BE, 2011

“They Magazine” – group expo, Los Angeles, USA, 2011

“Step Across The Light” – group expo, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, BE, 2011

“Omsk Army” – solo expo, first shown at Modo Brussels, travelling expo, BE, 2011

“You’re Here”, Converse – group expo, Antwerp, BE, 2010

“Skin”, The Word Magazine – group expo, Brussels, BE, 2010

“Make History”, group expo, Italy, 2009


‘Ulrike Biets’, Ulrike Biets, Pogobooks, Berlin, 2011

‘125’, Ulrike Biets, Teicam, Paris, 2012


‘Poudude’, ed. of 500, 2010

‘Poupi Whoopy 4, ed. of 500, 2011

‘Poupi Whoopy Casting’, ed. of 250, 2011

‘Poupi Whoopy, The Gritty Titty, ed. of 100, 2012


“Code Magazine”, The Story of the Trampler and the Tramplee, NL, 2009

“Traum Noir”, issue 2, Helsinki, Finland, 2010

“Disturber”, The Body Issue, UK, 2011

“The Printed Blog”, USA, 2011

“Ciclope”, issue 4, Spain, 2011

“The World Through Green Eyes”, issue 5, Cascina, Italy, 2012

“Voight Kampff”, UK, 2012

“No Thoughts”, issue 9, USA, 2012

“Ciclope”, issue 7, Spain, 2012

“Defeated”, issue 9, UK, 2012

“Pop: Kultur und Kritik”, Jg. 2, 1, Germany, 2013

“ANP Quarterly”, California, USA, 2013

“It Is A River” (mailart project), Barcelona, Spain, 2013

“Quottom” (Instagram project), Switzerland, 2013

“Nasty Magazine” (publication of the series ‘Whiteout’ and ‘The Isle’), issue 4, Italy, 2014

“Up And Coming Style” (publication of the series ‘Arena’), issue 1, Italy, 2014

“This Is Belgium”, Belgium, 2014

“Interartive”, issue 75, 2015

“Vice”, USA, 2015

“Mala Magazine”, issue 7, Chile, 2015

“Stolen Ground”, The Burning Issue, n° 2, UK, 2015

“0_100 Editions”, Italy, 2015

“Terra Firma”, issue 2, UK, 2015

“This Very Instant”, issue 1, Vienna, AU, 2015

“001”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015

“Pop: Kultur und Kritik”, Jg. 5, 2, Germany, 2016

“Das Magazin”, Switzerland, 2016

“Pop: Kultur und Kritik”, Jg. 6, 1, Germany, 2017

“A Photographer’s Journal”, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017

“Underdogs”, issue 12, Paris, France, 2017


Vice Magazine

The Word Magazine


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